Friday, August 5, 2011

Portland Queer Music Festival (and so much more!): The Cymbal of My Portland Weekend

Last weekend involved a road trip, a barbecue, live music and pirates. It was GREAT!

Jared and the other members of Noddy were set to play at Portland's 1st Annual Queer Music Fest. The weekend promised to be fun-filled and over the top, and Portland is home to some of my favorite people of all time, so the decision to go was a total no-brainer.

I arrived in Portland around 10:00 PM on Friday night and spent the rest of the evening watching episodes of the Office and  figuring out where we were going to eat the following morning. Super important stuff. The next morning I woke up early, ate a nectarine and waited for Joyce and Jeremy.

The first stop of the morning was Beaterville. This cafe was awesome and the staff was even awesomer (seriously, it's a word). Every scramble had a tofu option and they even asked if I wanted Smart Balance on my toast! I chose the Supernova Scrambler which included tomatoes, fresh spinach, green onion, garlic and mushrooms. It came with toast (I opted out of the Smart Balance and went with jam) and home fries!

At first I screamed because the tofu looked like chicken BUT IT WASN'T! Phew. 
We spent our breakfast leisurely people-watching, as there also happened to be a street fair going on that day. There was also plenty of dog-watching, too.

Sadly, Samson was unable to participate in the Dog Parade. 

I had to roll myself to the car as we left. It was a good thing we were planning on going to the beach instead of doing anything too strenuous. We stopped off at the store (just in case we got hungry again!) and then headed to the Columbia River. It was hot and sunny and we had some beer with us: perfect.

After laying in the sun all day it seemed best to have a barbecue; you know, to prepare for the show later on that night. I don't know if you know this about me, but I love a good barbecue. We skewered some veggies, threw some Gardein chicken tenders on the grill and Joyce grilled while I soaked my feet in the kiddie pool. 

The most beautiful vegetables ever. 

Joyce trying to light the coals
And then we walked to the show and I forgot to bring my camera. WHHHHHHYYYYYY?! Of course it was during our walk that we met the pirate. He took my arm and helped me across the street. Not helped me like I was visually impaired or stumbling, but helped me like he would have thrown his waistcoat over a puddle for me. He was really romantic. 

Once we got to the venue it got even BETTER! There was a furry and girls wearing pasties and drinks were only $2.50!! Luckily, other people (thank you Michaela Enari!) took some photos and I will share THOSE with you.

Emily, me, Caleb & Joyce. It was late---drinks were cheap.
The Furry Guy!!!
Jared and I (just like old times!)
It was a long, but super fun night; so fun that I called Patrick at 2:38 AM on the walk home to tell him ALL about it, but he didn't answer. What?!?!

Breakfast the next morning was essential, especially with the long drive (car ride) ahead. Joyce and Jeremy took me to Vita Cafe (a vegan and vegetarian haven!). Naturally, I ordered the chicken fried steak. 

 It is really difficult for me to not order chicken fried steak whenever possible. I don't really understand why. Truthfully, I have never had real chicken fried steak (even in my meat-eating days, of which there were many). WHAT IS MY OBSESSION!?!?! Anyway, Vita Cafe did a great job but next time I will order the corn cakes because that is what Joyce ordered and recommended and they were SO GOOD. Next time!

I love Portland. I can't wait to go back. And when I do, Joyce will be the Green Tongue featured chef, so WATCH OUT! It's going to be scrumptious and highly entertaining!

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