Thursday, September 8, 2011

Highline Part 3: Because I wasn't Bacon Breakfast

Oh, Highline. Why are you always my go-to brunch place? Is it because you are within walking/biking distance? Is it your reasonably priced brunch food? Maybe the fact that the staff understands that it is morning-time and I don't feel like chatting, just eating? Whatever the case may be, Patrick and I ended up at Highline for brunch not too long ago.

Summer is winding down and Autumn is upon us, although now that school has started and I am getting excited to make casseroles, the weather has decided it needs to peak at 89. Patrick and I had a last hurrah Highline Brunch, complete with red beer before embarking on Sober September (no alcohol--30 days), which is part of my Autumnification, as well as to celebrate the last days of Summer (even though it feels like Summer is finally beginning, but whatever). It was a gorgeous day; one of those moments you tuck away to remind yourself that you are happy and life is great!

Just a little fence climbing and construction work.
Enjoying our final beers of the summer!

Of course, then I had to decide what to order, which is never easy, especially since abandoning my 'down-the-list' idea. Long (boring) story short, I chose The Bomber.

Patrick ordered the Chicken Fried Steak which you've already seen, so I did not photograph it. I also totally forgot to take a picture of mine until after I had started eating. Whoops! So, excuse the epic blog failure and notice how delicious it looks albeit partially eaten.

Worst Picture Ever. 
I was pretty excited to have left-overs, so we packed them up and headed to the park. It was a beautiful day and there was much lounging to be done. 

And pretending to be dinosaurs.

And getting more than halfway home and realizing you forgot your leftovers somewhere on the playground. 

I hope you are getting excited for more posts! I went a little crazy last week with burger and hot dog concoctions. Don't be afraid! 

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