Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frankly Speaking - Gourmet Hot Dogs!

Sometimes when I don't feel much like cooking, Patrick and I decide to indulge in such things as Smart Dogs and burgers. Recently, we decided to experiment with making some gourmet hot dogs and WOW.

Patrick was craving a chili dog, but I was looking for something a little different. I thought about all of the things I love: Thanksgiving, Bacos, and Mermaids.(The movie! Well, and real mermaids AND mermen).

How did this experiment end, you ask?

Patrick dined on a Carnival Dog, as well as a Chipochili Dog. (I am really good at naming hot dogs).

Carnival Dog:

Smart Dog, Ketchup, Mustard, Veganaise, onion, relish and Cheddar Daiya

ChipoChili Dog:

Mexican Chipotle Field Roast, Amy's Organic Chili, Veganaise, Jalapeno Mustard, homemade cheese sauce, and sliced Jalapenos

That chili dog looked so good that I had one as well, sans the bun because it is my least favorite part. The second dog I created was something I like to call The Frenchy.

Served on a bed of canned green beans (I told you, I didn't feel like cooking) mixed with Bacos and salt/pepper, The Frenchy stoically awaits its fate.

The Smart Dog was cooked in the pan and set aside to cool. Once it was cool to the touch, I painted it with Tofutti cream cheese and rolled it in crushed French's Fried Onions. The end result was like a Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole in hot dog form. Which is not unlike stumbling upon a unicorn, or a mermaid (or man).

The evening was already perfect, but then we watched Mermaids and it was like the planets were aligning and I could hear babies smiling and taste the sunset.

Watch this trailer and pay close attention at 1:01 minutes into it. I swear I have pulled that same move and it works every time. 

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