Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tofu Eggs Are Hard to Beat!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it's so damn hard to eat it! At least for me. When given the option of sleeping in an extra 30 minutes or stumbling downstairs and eating, I will choose sleep. That is why the Food Gods created protein bars; specifically protein bars for Women (Receive a FREE box of TAMPONS with every purchase of 7 or more!(I kid, I kid...that's not a real offer, but it should be.)).

Weekends, however, are another story. I rise with the dawn (well, more like 8:30-9 AM) and ponder what's on the menu for the morning. Unless, of course, I am going to the Highline. The last couple of weekends I have been attempting to use up the magnanimous amounts of tofu I have on hand. There are several things I purchase every time I go to the store, regardless of need,  and tofu is one of them. Chex Mix is another.

So, prepare yourself, here are two of my faux-egg-cellent breakfast dishes.

Breakfast QuesaDaiya - Framed by the Light of  the Food Gods

That, my friends, is a Breakfast QuesaDaiya! I started out with half a block of firm tofu and proceeded to make a scramble with bell pepper, onion, and Smart Bacon. After the scramble was complete and I had eaten about 1/4 of it in anticipation, I spread it atop a corn tortilla (pr-softened in light oil as the scramble scrambled), sprinkled some Pepperjack Daiya on that, topped it with another tortilla (you know how to make a quesadilla, si?) and fried it up! They were served with a hearty topping of Salsa, Sour Supreme, Avocados and Corn Niblets. (Niblet, niblet, niblet....try saying it a couple of times. Didn't your day get even better?!)

My next breakfast creation happened last Saturday. 

Behold! Bacon & Egg McEllen

The ever-present Holy light makes it slightly difficult to see all of the components that make the McEllen a delicacy, but I can explain it to you, so DON'T STRESS! That tofu egg patty was by far my favorite part of this sandwich and yes, I ate both of them. IT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY! I was a little sad that I hadn't made myself 3 or 4 just so that I could re-visit the goodness later in the day.

Anyway, to make that fancy tofu egg patty (why can't I think of a clever na-ame?!) I crumbled up half of a block of already pressed firm tofu and added about a tablespoon (bear in mind: my measurements are complete and absolute estimations. In reality I just kind of toss things in all willy nilly) of egg replacer - just the powder - and a teaspoon each of onion powder, garlic powder and Cajun seasoning as well as 1/2 teaspoon of Turmeric. I also added roughly a tablespoon, maybe slightly more, of Dijon mustard. Then I mixed it all together until it was a beautiful golden mush! I heat a cast iron skillet on medium-high heat and formed the Tofu mush (again, not the best name) into 4 balls which I then flattened until roughly the size of my palm (or the English muffin). I melted a tablespoon of Earth Balance in the skillet and then fried each patty (they all fit in the pan at once---MAGIC) until they had formed a thin crust. Flip and repeat! Afterward, the patty's hung out in the oven while I heated the Yve's Canadian Bacon. 

To assemble:

1. Toast your muffins! 
2. Spread Earth Balance and/or Vegenaise on each Muffin (I used both because, um, I love them. And if you're going to eat two breakfast sandwiches you may as well go all out).
3. On the bottom muffin, put your onion, and then a slice of bacon, your egg patty, another slice of bacon, and some Daiya. (I used Mozzarella).
4. Broil briefly to melt the Daiya
5. Finish off with some mixed greens, tomato and the top to your English muffin.
6. (Optional) Sit on the couch and eat two breakfast sandwiches with a side salad (because you are healthy!) and watch the smash 1986 horror movie House.

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