Friday, May 6, 2011

I Wanna Be Loved Bayou!

It has been one whole week since my first post, and what a week it's been. There have been two cooking projects, a birthday party, a hang-over and my first visit to Highline since deciding  to eat my way through the menu.

Where to begin!? The best place to start is going to be on the bayou.

I had been enlisted to cook appetizers for 50+ guests for a bayou-themed birthday party. On the menu for the occasion were Cajun Mini-Quiche, Jalapeño Cornbread and Cajun Spiced Popcorn. (I actually had to stop typing for a second and reminisce about those quiche. They were so wonderful. Mmmmm....) Okay, so, last Friday:

I used Susan V's phenomenal, wonderful crazy-delicious mini quiche recipe and then kind of added my own little spin to Cajunize it. For the cornbread, I found this  mamma jamma. I replaced the corn with jalapeños and we were set! My own little spin for the quiche involved Tony Chachere's creole seasoning and extra bell peppers! 

Ca-jun-ize  transitive verb  \΄kā - jun, - īz \ : to make something Cajun, in this case food). 

(Mamma Jamma  noun  \ 'mä-mä, ‘jam-mä \: 1. something that is considered by many to be very sexy and/orboss. 2. synonym for the word "thing" (Thank you Urban Dictionary)).

We started the evening off with a some green beer to celebrate the launch of my almost world famous blog. 

My roommate, Tiff, helped by drinking beer. 
Brandi looks a little skeptical of the project. 


The green beer slowed the cooking process down a little bit, but we still managed to get everything done. And Brandi even found time to KNIT!

Jes chopping - Brandi knitting
Spoonful of cornbread!

Actually, I lied. We didn't get EVERYTHING done. I ended up tackling the 10,000 cups of popcorn the following morning sans green beer but WITH an amazing headache that can only be caused by drinking a vat of food coloring---but totally worth it. 

At any rate, the night wore on, and things were baked.

Some of the many mini quiche

I didn't bake the dog.
Penelope was just helping.

I believe it was around 11:00 pm that we finally pulled the last tray of quiche out of the oven and transfered the cornbread into a gigantic bowl.

This is not the gigantic bowl, and yes that is my dirty kitchen. 

Mini Cajun Quiche! The bell peppers look like Fruity Pebbles.

At this point in the entry I am pretty sure you are wondering about the party. Was it fun? What exactly is a bayou themed party. DID EVERYONE LOVE THE APPETIZERS?!?!? Guess what? They did. I failed to capture any photos of people actually consuming the food, but you are going to have to trust me; it was a hit!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy a mini (nope, not quiche, sorry...) photo journey through the bayou.

The perfect use for a toilet that doesn't work !

Two lazy eyes staring out from the broken urinals. 

YUM! (I didn't make that cake, sorry.)

I cannot even begin to caption this. 

Jes boogies down and Tiff gets creepy.
By the way, that IS how you spell "toilet".
Everyone else is wrong.
Nobody puts Baby in

And this was HOURS before I went home! All in all it was a super successful party and all because of my life-changing appetizers. Okay, it was a great party made EVEN BETTER by my life-changing appetizers, and because of the costumes.

Next week: Caramel Corn! I am not going to lie to you and say that as a vegan I don't miss non-vegan things because I do! One of the things I miss is caramel corn, but I am pretty sure I have solved that problem. I also really miss Whoopie Pies. That's another entry entirely.

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