Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Hours that De-Liver!

There is something about sunshine and warm weather that makes me crave Happy Hour. I tend to gaze out the window at work, watching everyone below me hurry off to fancy luncheons and mid-afternoon shopping sprees at Barney's and I decide I need a drink.

As I am no stranger to Seattle Happy Hours, I have compiled a list of my three favorites. They are my favorite places for many reasons---it is so HARD to pick just one!

1. Shorty's
    2222 2nd Avenue # A
    Seattle, WA 98121-2038

    Price: Cheap pitchers of PBR and Rainier

Once upon a time I worked at a lovely job where I was done for the day by 1:00 PM. It was a high stress job and it led to MANY Happy Hour excursions. The place that I most often frequented was Shorty's.

Nothing boosts a mood like a bar that could be mistaken for a carnival. Yes, clowns are creepy---terrifying, really---but, 2 rooms of pinball, a juke box, alcoholic slurpees, Buck Hunter and veggie dogs make the clowns seem almost friendly.

Another high five to Shorty's for having the bartender who came and sat down with me and my friend to ask why we hadn't left him a tip. BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME: we hadn't finished ordering - of COURSE we were going to leave him a tip. For those of us who have worked in the service industry it is understood that the majority of time is spent biting your tongue, but not at Shorty's which makes me love it even more!

2. Sun Liquor
   607 Summit Avenue East
   Seattle, WA 98102-4821

   Price: $1 off beer, $2 off cocktails

Although Sun Liquor doesn't open until 5:00 (What?! I told you like to get started early!) it is so marvelous that I usually just make it my 2nd Happy Hour stop. Fresh squeezed juice, homemade ginger ale and fancy cocktails--what's not to love? Outdoor seating? Check. A cozy indoor area with great vintage detailing? Don't mind if I do... Sun Liquor is definitely one of my new favorite places.

To be frank, I am sometimes wary of the Capitol Hill hipster clientele, but Happy Hour is an almost surefire way to avoid the usual crowd since they tend to creep out a little later. And, truth be told, it is more than a little fun to people watch when the hipsters are about.

3. Moe Bar
   1425 10th Ave
   Seattle, WA 98122

   Price: $3 wells, $4 dollar fancy beer and $2 domestic

As the day draws to close and dinner time approaches I find myself drawn to the cozy dimness that is Moe Bar. Once upon a time AGAIN (before the aforementioned stressful job) I worked at an even MORE stressful job. The one great thing about said job was its proximity to Moe Bar. 

Again, it is all about the timing, but if you go between the hours of 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm you are guaranteed a low-key afternoon/early evening. Plus they have deep fried vegetables (you're not at a bar to eat health food!) and a REALLY good dog who comes in and just lays on the floor waiting for you to pet her. 

And there you have it, my favorite Happy Hours. So if you plan on going to any of these places this afternoon you may see me! And maybe afterward we can find a BBQ to crash!

My first Beer Bong - 2010

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